Fannin County, Texas

The Illustrious and Legendary Citizens of Fannin County in Part 3, pages 115 - 140, are:

Dr. David Bates, Tom Bean, Charles Carlton, Roberta Dodd, Belle Gober, Major Charles Daugherty Grace, John Wesley Hardin, Miss Ela Hockaday, Henry L. Nunn, Charles Jones, Dr. John Ray, Sam Rayburn, Miss Lelia Roberts, Dr. Bacon Saunders, Murray Shields, Erwin Smith, Dr. Tom Spies and Harry Payton Steger.

The Families in Part 4 are:

Abercrombie, Abernathy, Adams, Aldridge, Alexander, Agnew, Allen, Anthony, Arledge, Arterberry, Atkins, The Austin Brothers, Bailey, Barr, Barrett, Barron, Bain, James S. Baker, Thomas C. Baker, Baldwin, Banta, Barnard, Bartley, Bean, Col. Edmond Hugh Benton, Bettis, Beasley, Bell, James F. Benton, Biard, Biggerstaff, Biggers, Blair, The Blakeney Brothers, Blanton, Bledsoe, Bogy, Boone, Boutwell, Bourland, Bowling, Boyd, Brannon, Brent, Brewer, Broadfoot, Bradford, Bramlett, the Brotherton Brothers, Broyles, Joseph C. Bryant, Laban Bryant, Buchanan, Burgher, Cain, Dr. Orville H. Calwell, Rev. Tillman Caldwell, Cappleman, Hope H. Carleton, James C. Carleton, Charles Carleton, Carmichael, Carter, Catron, Chadwell, Chaney, Samuel Charles, Chenoweth, Elijah Clark, Joseph Addison Clark, William T. Clark, Clendenen, Cline, Clutter, Cobb, Cockrill, Coleman, Connely, The Coonrod Brothers, Cooper, Countess, Cowart, Cox, Crabb, Cravens, Joseph P. Cross and Richard Beal, Cunningham, Curlee, Currin, Dale, The Darling Brothers, The Darnall Brothers, Charles Davis, Frank B. Davis, Isaac S. Davis, Rev. John E. Deatheage, Delay, Dial, Dodd, Donaghey, Donaldson, Dorough, Dorsett, Doss, Dowlen, The Dulaney Brothers, james A. Duncan, John Wiley Duncan, Dupree, Edwards and Lockes, Eller, English, Erwin, John Campbell Evans, W. A. Evans, Ewing, Farmer, Featherstone, Felty, Fenner, The Fitzgerald Brothers, Fletcher, Floyd, Fogle, Fowler, Fox, The Francis Brothers, Freeman, Abe K. Fry, Calvin J. Fuller, Joel Fuller, Fulp, Galbraith, Mrs. Grizela Galbraith, Gass, Garnett, Gates. Giddiens, Gilbert, Giles, Gilliam, Gilmer, Goin, Goss, Gray, Griffith, Grisham, Grogan, Gross, The Groves Brothers, Hackley, Haden, Hall, Halsell, Hamil, Hampton, Hancock, Rev. James Gipson Hardin, Jeff D. Hardin, Harrison, Hart, The Hawkins Brothers, Helbeing, Helton, Henderson, Hendrix, Henslee, Hickfang, Hockaday, Hodge, Hodges, Holman, Holmes, Holt, Hood, Hopper, the Howell Brothers, Hughes, Hulsey, Hunt, Irick, Oliver D. Jackson, G. W. (Will) Jackson, Johnson, John W. Jones, Theodore D. Jones, William C. Jones, Jouitt Brothers, Journey, Keene, Keeton, Keithly, Kennedy, Alvis Kincaid, Dr. Robert E. L. Kincaid, Col. R. H. Lane, Robert W. Lane, Latta, Leatherwood, John Lee, Marion Lee, Roswell W. Lee, Leeman, Leslie, Lightfoot, Lipscomb, Lloyd, Locke, London, Logmire, Lowrey, Lovelace, Lyday, Maddrey, Magourik, Mahurin, The Maloney Brothers, Marley, Martin, Mauldin, Mayfield, McCleary, McCown, McCraw, Joseph L. McDade, Williamson McDade, McDowell, McFarland, Rev. A. J. McGee, McGrady, McLennan, McMahon, McMillin, McRae, T. C. McNabb, Joseph A. Melugin, Joseph B. Melugin, Merrick, Merrill, Alexander Moore, James Morgan, Joshua Morgan, William Morgan, Morrow, Moss, Nail, Nash, Nelson, Nevill, Newhouse, Newman, W. E. Newton and Faber Russell, Nicholson, Charles Nunn, John Milton Nunn, Nunnelee, Oliphant, Onstott, Organ, Owens, Rev. Elijah Owens, Pace, Palmore, Parker, Parrish, Partlow, Patillo John W. Patton, Peeler, Pennington, Penwell, Perkins, L. L. Peterson, Peter Peterson, Pettigrew, Hugh A. Pierce, Mrs. Rebecca Robinson Pierce, Piner, Pitts, Pope, John J. Pritchett, Rev. W. A. Provine, Ragsdale, Rainey, Rambo, Reece, O. B. Reich, Renfro, Rhine, Ridings, Risser, Robardy, Rufus C. Roberts, Col. Samuel A. Roberts, Roderick, Rogers, Rosenbaum, Routh, Dr. Daniel Rowlett, John R. Russell, Robert P. Russell, Sadlers, Saunders, Savage, Savoy, Scarborough, Scates, Scott, Scroggins, Sears, Segler, Semple, Self, Shaffer, Shook, Shortridge, Simpson, John P. Simpson, Sims, Sisson, Sitzler, Robert and Samuel Sloan, Smalley, Frank Smith, George W. Smith, Col. Gideon Smith and Dr. J. C. Smith, James E. Smith, Robert Smith, Sherman Smith, Washington H. Smith, William R. Smith, Slagle, Sowell, Spangler, John and Henry Sparger, Sparkman, Sparks, Spelce, Spencer, Spies, Spivy, Squires, Stanley, St. Clair, Strickland, Stansell, Steger Brothers, N. B. Stephens, William J. Stephens, S. J. Stephenson, Stimpson, Stewart, Stone, Sudderth, Sweeney, Sylvester, Tadlock, Tarpley, Taylor, Tefteller, Terry, Thelan, Thompson, Thornton, Thurmond, Tittsworth, Traylor, Dr. William Houghton Trimble, Truss, Ira C. Turner, J. E. Turner, Underwood, Van Lear, Vannoy, Waggoner, Walcott, Wall, Ward, Ware, Warren, Watkins, Watson, Weathersby, Weldon, J. M. Wells, Whatley, Wheeler, White, W. C. Whitsett, Whizenhunt, Wiggins, Wigley, WIlliams, T. B. Williams, Thomas R. Williams, J. C. Wise, Witcher, Woods, J. T. Woodson, Samuel Woodward, Word, Wright, Yeager, Yerion, Yoakum

Many thanks to the granddaughters of Floy Crandall Hodge, who are Karen Hodge O'Connor and Linda Hodge Warren, for letting us scan and make available these valuable Fannin County history books.  The first was published in 1966.  The second was published in 1974.  Both have been scanned and can be accessed below.

The first book has been uploaded to Flickr in several sections.

​Click below to view the sections.

Part 1 - pages 1 - 46

Part 2 - pages 47 - 114

Part 3 - pages 115 - 140

Part 4 - page 141 - end

The second book has also been been uploaded to Flickr.

The Table of Contents for the second book is:

Pioneers and Folklore                                             4

Early Marriage Licenses                                        10

Early Lodge Members                                            14

Civil War Confederate Soldiers                            18

Diary of E. H. Adams                                              45

Diary of Re. J. W. Connelly                                   46

History of Boy Scout Work in Fannin County   53

Picture Section​                                                         54

The Table of Contents for the first book is:

Fannin County History                           7

Bonham                                                    15

Brands and Diarys                                 47

Schools and Churches                          55

Communities                                          69

Illustrious and Legendary Citizens   115

Families                                                  141

Records                                                   263

Texas Map 1839                                    268

A History of Fannin County

By Floy Crandall Hodge