Baseball April 1913

Fannin County, Texas

You can also see the photo on Flickr.

On April 15, 1913, the Bonham Blues baseball team opened its season in the Texas-Oklahoma League in Bonham's new baseball park. playing the Texarkana team.  As related in the Bonham Daily Favorite, April 16, 1913: "Practically every business house in the city closed during the game which began at 3:15 o'clock, and perhaps the largest crowd that ever attended a ball game in Bonham was present.  The grandstand and bleachers were full, and the crowd overflowed into right field."  The Bonham Blues won the game 3 - 0.

‚ÄčA notice in the Bonham Daily Favorite, April 14, 1913, said:  "Picture Tomorrow.  Everybody in Bonham should be

in the picture tomorrow which will be made at 1:30 o'clock on the south-west corner of the square."  Another notice said: "Everybody will be at the park tomorrow afternoon.  If you possess an automobile have it on the square at Bonham, when a picture will be taken for the press."

We are so lucky that this wonderful photo was taken.  You can see it at the Fannin County Museum of History and other places in Bonham.