Fannin County, Texas

The following cemeteries in Fannin County have historic designation.  (Some of the cemeteries with historical markers also have historic designation.)

Cedar Hill Cemetery

​Gates Hill Cemetery

Providence Cemetery

​Ragsdale-Richardson Cemetery

​Willow Wild Cemetery

The Fannin County Historical Commission is active in the identification and inventory of cemeteries in Fannin County.  To date 175 cemeteries have been identified, with over 65,000 documented interments.

Historical Commission members are active in the Fannin County GenWeb project, which maintains detailed information on the cemeteries and burials, including photographs of stones and, where available, photos of individuals and transcriptions of obituaries and death certificates.

Anyone who discovers a previously unknown cemetery or burial should contact the Historical Commission.  

For more information on the historical marker and historic designation programs in Texas, contact the Historical Commission or the Texas Historical Commission website.