Glenda Ceasar

Douglas Crowley

Vernell Evans

Maurice Lewis

Carolyn Lewis

Thurman Jackson

Maryann Maxwell

William Jackson

Elnora Smith

Larry Smith

Wayne Sweet

Verdell Pruitt

Virginia Hart


Jerry Don Brown

Bobby L. Ceasar

Mansfield Carr

Patricia Doyle

Roy Lee Holloway

Lois Jean Morgan

Harvey Manjane

Sarah A. Jackson

Delmar J. Traylor

Barbara Williams

Decatur Evans


(last Clark graduating class)

Francine Askew

Jerry Brown

Ollie L. Brown

Mansfield Carr

Bobby Ceaser

Patricia Doyle

Joan Evans

Marva Fuller

Roy Holloway

Charles Hooker

Sarah Jackson

Harvey Manjane

Jesse W. McKinney

Lois Morgan

Marvin Pruitt

J. W. Scott

Billy Smith

Harold Woods

Joyce M. Wright

The following information has been compiled from a number of sources, most of which were supplied by Dorothy Harrison.  Thanks Dorothy!

The Ladonia Colored public school, which was located west of town where the K of P Hall later stood,  was organized in 1888.  According to a history of the school compiled by Mrs. Allie Preston Ganaway, Mr. E. S. Clark erected this first colored school in Ladonia, investing his own money and buildling the schoolhouse at the end of North Wilson Street.  He went to the county superintendent for permission to have the school.   He enrolled more than seventy children the first year.  Later the school was moved to the east part of town.  The class was later taught by Miss Iceola Brown in 1936-1942, who maintained the improvement of the school.   Students included Clemied McFarland, Gloria Stones,, Millie Jo Solomon and Gransville and George King.  She taught until the school was moved back to the west part of town.  The later school building was built with a grant by Julius Rosenwald.  The school was then named the Rosenwald School. The faculty at that time was: Mrs. A. M. Dickerson; Mrs. Stennett, intermediate; Miss Allie Blair - A.P.A.; Mr. R. D. Preston - athletics; H. G. Smith, principal.

Grady Chapel, Willow Grove and New Harmony were also early learning centers for the Afro-American students of the area.  Grady Chapel served as an elementary school as well as a high school.  The site was in a field across from the homesite of Lawerence Pickard in Pecan Gap.  Alfred Conley served as superintendent.  Some of the teachers were Mrs. Mary Foster and Mrs. June Potts.  Willie James (Sonny) Bagby helped out at the school as an aide to the teachers.  Some of the students attending were: Velma Sears, Roy and Billy Joe McCoy, the Walford children, the Carsons, Mary Ann & Betty Jo Maxwell, Velma and Genie Gilmore, Aurdrey Bizzell, the Williams family, which included twin girls Bessie and Lessie.  The school opened in 1944 and closed in 1955.  The building was re-located to Ladonia and used as the Home Economics building at Clark where Mrs. Essie Adams was the instructor.  Others attending Grady were Effie Dilliard, Richard Beamer and the Hearn family.

Willow Grove - INFORMATION NEEDED.  Among those attending were Sgt Rathell, Mc and Luster Shelton, Roy Lee Pruitt, Artis Pruitt, James Allan lee, Willie Lee Blair, Elbert Lee (Bud) Brown, Jim Henry Palmer and Clarence Christian Jr.

The Ladonia Colored School first became an accredited high school in the year 1946.  The faculty at that time was: J. W. Askew; Alllie Preston; Gladys Walker; Idonia Kennedy; E. I. Barnes; Seletha Spighner; Bernise Palmer.  The first graduating class was: Glodine Crowley (Thomas), Thelma Jean Stephens, Janie J. Robertson (Grayson) and Howard Hatcher.  The first boys' basketball team was: Will Jones, Jr., Will John Fuller, Elijah Roberson, Howard Hatcher, Jimmy Carson, Charles Pruitt, Charles Stephens, Phenix Ross, Cecil Hatcher, A. V. Shaw and William Pruitt.  This team was coached by Mr. J. W. Askew.

The first girls' basketball team consisted of these young ladies: Janice Roberson, Ola Mae McBeth, Odessa Jones, Nannie Lou Shaw, Vallie Mae Gray, Allie Faye McBeth, Mary Adams, Ozzie Lee Coldwell, Elveria Gray, Glodine and Faye Bell Crowley, Martha Payne, Reba Gray, Clarice Pruitt and Thelma Jean Stephens.  The cheerleaders were Edna Myrl Stephesn, Norma Dell Harris, Johnnie Mae Traylor, Cloteal Griffith and the mascots were as follows: Thelma Jo Hervey and Thelma Jean Hilburn.

The Clark High School Leopards basketball team brought fame to the area, becoming a powerhouse team of the State Playoff Champions in 1958 under the tutelage of Coach H. G. Champion.  The mighty Leopard hoopsters went on to the State Playoffs for two more years in 1959-60 under the coaching of J. D. Johnson.  Among the many players on those teams were James Patterson, O. T. Brown, Roger Morgan, Jim Allen Brown, Donald Ray Adams, Harold Hubbard, Alton Crumb, W. M. Walford, Kenneth Herron, Michael Adams, and Claborn Jackson.

Clark School came to a close during the desegregation moves of the 1960's, and the last class to graduate from Clark High was the Class of 1966.  Consolidation with Fannindel Schools was completed the following September, and the first former Clark students to graduate at Fannindel were members of the 1967 FHS Senior Class.

Clark High, Ladonia

Fannin County, Texas

Clark High School Educators

Mrs. Essie Adams, Mrs. Idonia Kennedy Askew, Professor J. W. Askew, Ms. E. J. Barnes, Mr. A. W. Barr, Mrs. Arlene Barnes Brooks, Mrs. Thyra Cooksie Pease Brown, Mr. H. G. Champion, Mrs. Annie Mae Dixon, Mrs. Elizabeth Dejournett, Miss Yvonne Ewell, Mary Nell Wheeler Foston, Mrs. Allie Blair Preston Ganaway, Mrs. Violet Potts Garrett, Mrs. Myrna Stewart Gilstrap, Judge Kenneth Herron, Mrs. Evelyn Jackson, Mrs. Erma Johnson, Mr. James D. Johnson, Mrs. Lillian Jones, Mrs. Nina Jones, Mrs. Eleanor King; Mr. O. O. Luper, Mrs. Glady Walker Burcher Marbrey, Mr. Marvin Ruth Martin, Mrs. McRuffin, Mrs. Lucille Parker, Mrs. C. Polk, Ms. Pratt, Mr. R. D. Preston, Mrs. Bernice Palmer Reed, Mrs. Ruth Walker Robinson, Miss Nannie Lou Shaw, Mr. Gerald Singleton, Mr. A. T. Solomon, Ms. S. E. Spigner, Ms. Stenette, Mr. Roy Watson, Mrs. Iceola Wheeler, Mr. Jimmie O. Williams, Mrs. Linnie Wright.

See Additional Clark School photos.

The following is a list of Clark High students.  

Please let us know if you have additions or corrections to this list.


Howard W. Hatcher

Janice James Roberson (Grayson)

Thelma Jean Stephens

Glodine Crowley (Thomas)


Billy Joe King

Charles Pruitt

A. V. Shaw

Bill Fuller

Charles Stephens

William Pruitt


Clarice Pruitt

Gene Patterson

Charles Patterson

Elvira Spencer

Marlene Johnson

Vallie M. Gray

James Eddie Shaw

Erma Jean Roberts

Robert Lee Roberts

Christene Gray

Bobbie Johnson


Earnestine Shaw

Delbert Crowley

James H. Palmer

Hoyt Fuller

Eula Crowley

Emma Crowley

Berniece Askew

George R. McFarland

Neal Fuller

Ralph Fuller

George King

Charles Pruitt

James Crowley

Louise Askew

Alga Crowley


Robert Lee Roberts

Essie Pruitt

Earnestine Shaw

Earnest Collins

Homer Dinkins

Berbara Stevens

Cecil Pruitt, Jr.

Roscoe McBeth

J. W. Wyatt

John Andy Simms

Charles Wyatt

Nanie L. Shaw

​Hubert Maloney

Ralphel Shelton

Joe L. Johnson

​Carrie Crosby


Michael Adams

Jim Allen Brown

O. T. Brown

Cherry L. Bean

Bobbie Cooksie

Ona Elizabeth King

Pearlene Hubbard

Sammy Walker

Sonny Walker

Dorothy Adams

Lorene Brown

Jada M. Patterson

Billy W. Lewis

James Patterson

Betty Jean McBeth

Jerry Shaw

Christene Scott

Roger Morgan


Donald Adams

James O. McBeth

Thomas Lewis

Eyvonne Hart

Elnora Hubbard

Betty Woods

Charles Doyle

Doris Scott

Ralph Dinkens

Roy Lee Ceasar

Thomas Sweet

Dorothy Herron

Claudie Williams

Wayne Scott

Betty McBeth

Polly R. Dinkins

Katie Scott

Harold Ray Dinkins


Johnny H. King

Velma Gilmore

Charles H. King

Douglas Roberson

Dorothy Raye Jackson

Elma Scott

Norene King

James King

Robert Scott

Johnny Frank Sweet

Willie Gene Johnson

Lorrie J. Askew

Elizabeth Sears

​Jake Spencer