Fannin County, Texas


For some time the matter of a hospoital for negroes has been in the balance—a teeter either way would have decided the project, and finally it was decided in favor of the hospital being built, as this story will unfold.

For several months the undertaking has been talked about, and the county had agreed to donate $750.00, The county later raised its quota, through the commissioners court, to $1,000.00. Then it was seen that more money had to be secured, about $300.00,

Finally W. E. Newton, president of the Chamber of Commerce, and perhaps others, had a talk with Dave Johnson and B. K. Johnson, both colored, and got them to agree to underwrite the project for the remaining sum, $300.00, and the story was told.

Dr. A. B. Kennedy had generously given the land on which to erect the building, and the Federal Government had already agreed to aid the project with the sum of $9,000.00, or thereabouts, and now all of that part of the program being finished, the next is plans for the house, and then the contract, and then the finished plans, ready for work.

There are so many people who had a hand in the securing of this much needed hospital, that it would be almost impossible to name them all, without leaving somebody out who had done yeoman work. It is sufficient to state that it was looked on as a community and county project, and that many worked with a will for its consummation.

This will not be a hospital for negroes in Bonham, alone, but will be for negroes of the whole county, and too much praise cannot be given the commissioners court, and individuals for their untiring efforts to the end that the hospital be an assurety.

The Herald congratulates the negroes, the county and everybody who did any thing at all towards the success of securing the hospital.

Bonham Herald, June 13, 1940


​Pictured above is the colored annex to Allen Memorial Hospital erected by subscriptions from City of Bonham, County of Fapriin and the general public. The completion, furnishing and fittings of this structure were made possible by the untiring efforts of Dave Johnson, chairman, and a committee in cooperation with almost the entire colored and white population of Fannin County, Texas.

Following is the report of Dave Johnson, showing the total amount of donations for the colored hospital in Bonham, and the disbursement of said donations:


Fannin County      $1,000.00
City of Bonham           750.00

Red Cross ........              85.50
Private donations      1,210.44
Total                           3,045.00.


For building, plumbing, electric wiring, insurance, deposits on meters, furniture, labor on grounds, etc., $3,040.35.
Balance, $5.59.

Included in the above is a recent contribution of $5 of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. White. L. O. McClure donated a

The hospital has been completed is, in operation with a colored nurse in attendance, and is doing a splendid service. I believe it is appreciated by all of our people, both white and colored. The hospital is reasonably well equipped, but new equipment and conveniences should be added.

I thank each and every contributor and every well wisher. Sincerely, DAVE JOHNSON.

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Colored Hospital, Bonham