Fannin County, Texas

The 1928-29 Fannin County School Directory listed the following colored schools:

Spring Hill No. 25 - Teacher, Melinda Dupree

Woods No. 42 - Teacher, Henri Mae Slaughter

New Harmony No. 47 - Teacher, Ida Pendleton

​Willow Grove No. 50 - Teacher, Mattie Lee Roberson

​Whatley No. 53 - Teacher, Naomi Roseman

Sandy No. 94 - Teachers, E. E. Bennett and Noble Chapman

Ivanhoe Rural High School No. 98 - Teacher:  Mrs. M. E. Dejonette

​Lamasco No. 107 - Teacher, Virgie V. Johnson

Spoonamore No. 109 - Teacher, Mrs. Pearl E. Holland

Riverby No. 115 - No teacher listed

​Bonham  - Teachers, Ray Seay, Mildred Seay, Myrtle Johnson, Virgie Johnson

​Honey Grove - Teachers not listed

​Ravenna Independent District - Teachers, Mrs. Ida M. Hill

​Note:  2 pages are missing from the directory, which we believe would be Dodd City, Savoy, Ladonia, Windom and Leonard.

Additional information on teachers in colored schools follows:

​Honey Grove - 1893, J. S. Nicholson  (The Honey Grove Signal of 9-8-1893 reported 40 students in the colored school).

1894 (The Honey Grove Signal of 9-14-1894 reported that 26 students were enrolled in the colored school with J. S. Nicholson the teacher, but that the "larger children do not come from the cotton fields until December or January, when an additional teacher, A. C. Higgs, will be put on duty.  The attendance will after Christmas be more than 100 pupils.)

1896 - J. S. Nicholson was still the teacher.

1897 - J. S. Nicholson and W. D. Hill, teachers

​1901 - W. J. Taylor is the principal of the colored school

1902  W. J. Taylor and J. S. Nicholson teachers.

1906  W. J. Taylor and J. S. Nicholson teachers.

1907 W. J. Taylor and Joe Nicholson teachers.

1909  W. J. Taylor, principal and J. S. Nicholson, assistant

​1910  W. J. Taylor, principal, Maude Nicholson

1911 W. J. Taylor, principal, Eva Pollard, Assistant

1914 W. J. Taylor, principal, Eva Pollard Taylor, Assistant

​1923  J. W. Pendleton, principal, Carrie Pendleton, Mabel Brown

More about the Bralley-Pendleton School in Honey Grove is HERE.

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