Fannin County, Texas

Duplex Baptist Church

The photo and the following is from The History of Fannin County Texas Churches, compiled by the Fannin County Genealogical Society.

The Duplex Baptist Church was organized in 1902. The earliest written records of the Church date back to 1905. Some of the first members were Mrs. R. H. Trimble, Mrs. P. J. Peterson, Mrs. Amelia Neely, and Mr. J. W. Griffin. The first recorded pastor was Brother J. P. Morris. During the first few years, records indicate meetings were held once a month.

On March 9, 1918, the first ordination of deacons was recorded. Some of the earliest deacons were received by letter in 1906. Although the years between 1923 and 1947 show a decline in membership, the church was still active. Around 1948, an increase in membership started and meetings were held twice a month. In the 1950's, membership and attendance grew steadily. The Training Union was also quite active during this time. Classrooms were built and wood heaters were replaced with butane heaters. In 1956, the new parsonage was dedicated.

Once again the Church saw a decline in membership in the early 1970's. However, with the work of dedicated pastors, the church began to grow and sustain its growth. Although Duplex Baptist is a small country church, it will celebrate its 100-year anniversary in 2002. Following are only a handful of the pastors who have served the church: W. F. Farmer, Reverend McClung, B. H. Borroughs, G. R. McCraw, B. F. Milam, Tommy Green, W. T. Teel, Joe Eubanks, David Caddell, Everett Springfield, and the present pastor, Dickie Golden.