Fannin County, Texas

Early History of Fannin County

Arkansas Gazette, March 1, 1836.  Read about the trip of early Fannin County settlers down the Red River from Arkansas.

​A Bit of Fannin County History, from the Honey Grove Signal, December 24, 1909.

A History of Baseball in This Section.  By Harry Cox.  The Paris News, May 31, 1936.

Bonham News Annual 1888.

Carter, W. A.  History of Fannin County, Texas.  History, Statistics and Biographies. 1885

Caylor, Mrs. J. L. Reminiscences at Seventy-Nine.  From the Bonham Herald, December 29, 1932.

Deatherage, John.  The Journey of John English Deatherage from Tennessee to Texas in 1852.

Evans, Ashley.  Sketches of Early Times in Our Home and County.  From the Bonham Herald, 1945.

Evans, Judge W. A.  Bonham 52 Years Ago.

Frair, John.  Fort Inglish - The State of Bonhan.  Bonham Daily Favorite, September 13, 1992

Hand, John.  The Journal of John Hand, who traveled to Fannin County in 1852, has been added

A History of Bonham. A Research Paper by American History Class of 1927-1928.  Bonham High School.  Revised and Enlarged by Class of 1928-1929.

Inglish, Charles.  Posts of Toll Bridge of Civil War Days In Good Condition.  Reprinted from the Bonham Herald in the Honey Grove Signal-Citizen, February 7, 1941

Old Choc Articles on Early Times in Fannin/Grayson County.

100 Year Old Letters Found in 1958.

Penwell, Locke C.  Articles on early Fannin County History.

A Pictorial History of Fannin County.  Reprinted in 2017 by the Fannin County Museum of History and available for purchase at the Museum.

​Pool, Colonel C. C.  Fannin County 54 Years Ago and As It Is Now.  The Daily Favorite, January 11, 1909.

Roark, John W.  J. W. Roark arrived in Fannin County in 1873 as an orphan, and was raised by John and Lou Leslie.  His interesting Autobiography tells of growing up and the trials of being a cotton farmer.  

​Rowlett, Anderson.  A Short Chapter About the Trials of the Early Pioneers of Fannin County.

Scott, Tom.  Fannin County in the Republic of Texas.  Bonham Daily Favorite, Feb. 19, 1986

Street Scenes in Bonham in 1872 and in 1921.  Bonham Daily Favorite, May 6, 1921

Strickland, Rex Wallace.  History of Fannin County, Texas, 1836-1843, Part I.  Southwestern Historical Quarterly, v.33, p. 262-298.  1929-30.  Available online at the Portal to Texas History.

Strickland, Rex Wallace.  History of Fannin County, Texas, 1836-1843, Part II.  Southwestern Historical Quarterly, v. 34, p. 38-68.  1930-31.  Available online at the Portal to Texas History.

"Them Good Old Days" When Oxen Did the Job.  Bonham Herald, March 10, 1938.

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