Ector Photographs

Ector folks out on trail ride. 
Left to right; Othel Large, Billy Ray Large, Nanny Katherine Large (Patterson), Annie Ray (Rinker), ___?___, Raynell Ray (Glaser), Homer Batsell, Billy Holcomb, ___?____, James Walter Pierce. 

Thanks to Joe Large for providing these photos and descriptions.

Ector gin

Mr. Sam with citizens of Ector in 1946.

Fannin County, Texas

The following two photos from George Cole.

Opening of Ector laundromat about 1962, run by H. G. Dulaney.

Downtown Ector early 1900's. You can see the lumber yard on right by white building, don't know what the white building was at the time, but the large two story house was Mr. Houston's who was part of Houston and Pritchett Drug Store that you see on the left. R.R. Morgan's drug store, Derrick Hughes' bottle, was North of Houston and Pritchett at that time. I believe it was in the 40's Mr. Morgan moved across the street to where Mason Hall is today. Tim Robert's, Brett Stone's house is located where the Houston house