Fannin County, Texas

The following is from The History of Fannin County Texas Churches, compiled by The Fannin County Genealogical Society.

Colonel William Savoy and his family became the first residents of Savoy, Texas, in 1863. In 1876, a male and female College was founded, and Savoy became a station on the Texas and Pacific Railroad in 1878.

The Missionary Baptist Church of Savoy (later First Baptist) was meeting as early as 1872. The church petitioned for membership in the Sister Grove Association in 1873. At that time there were 15 members.

In 1880, Savoy, Texas, changed forever. At 10:00 p.m. on the evening of May 28, 1880, this thriving community was almost completely destroyed by a cyclone. People who lived through the tragedy described that night as a dark night when suddenly doors on homes were blown open and what sounded like ten-pound hailstones began to fall. They discovered minutes later it was not hailstones but pieces of homes and businesses, which had been blown away. Only one business, a mercantile store, and a few homes remained when the storm was over. Many were hurt and killed.

Following the tragedy, the Missionary Baptist Church of Savoy began to rebuild and grow. Pastors were called for one year. Every July the pastor was either recalled or asked to resign. In 1953, the pastor was given the first indefinite call, replacing the one-year call.

Several times the church tried to have half-time (second and fourth Sunday) preaching when the money was available to pay the extra salary of the pastor. At one time a pastor was called to half-time preaching with the understanding that he would resign if the salary could not get paid. In 1921 the pastor's salary for half-time preaching was set at $1,000 a year; but by 1922, the money was no longer available and his resignation was requested.

In 1926 the first building was remodeled and rededicated. The steeple was removed during the remodeling. In 1946 members decided to build a new building. The first services in the new building were on April 11,1948. An annex containing classrooms and a kitchen was added in 1957—1958. In May of 1976, the building we worship in today was dedicated. First Baptist Savoy has seen many changes over the years, but one thing remains the same: We are on a mission as His People with His Message to spread to North Texas and the World!

•    1873: The Missionary Baptist Church met in Savoy with a membership of 15 people. The Church petitioned for membership in the Sister Grove Association.
•    1875: Sunday School work began.
•    1880: The Missionary Baptist Church in Savoy, Texas, was officially organized.

•    1904: The Church became a member of the Fannin County Missionary Baptist Association.
•    1907: A fire in the church only damage to flue.
•    1908: The Baptist Young Peoples' Union (BYPU) began.
•    1911: On September 9, it was voted to take the Lord's Supper quarterly.
•    1912: The Ladies Aid Society began.
•    1926: The newly remodeled church building was dedicated.
•    1939: On September 24, a new picture for the baptistry was given.
•    1941: On March 27, half-time preaching began.
•    1941: In November, the Church purchased Broadman Hymnals.
•    1942: The Church joined the Cooperative Program.
•    1942: On June 14, the Baptist Training Union (BTU) was organized.
•    1943: On December 12, the Church voted to pass the offering plate in evening services.
•    1945: On June 9, the Church purchased a hay barn to be remodeled as a parsonage.
•    1946: On August 14, the Church became full-time with a full-time pastor.
•    1948: On April 11, the first services were held in the new building.
•    1950: On November 8, the Church voted to organize the Brotherhood and WMU.
•    1951: On April 8, the Little Jordan Cemetery was deeded to the Savoy Baptist Church.
•    1956: In January, a heating system was installed in the auditorium.
•    1957: On December 22, a new piano was given.
•    1957: On March 13, the Church voted to pass the offering plate for worship service.
•    1958: On March 9, an annex was dedicated.
•    1960: On May 11, the Church auditorium was air-conditioned.
•    1961: On May 7, the Missionary Baptist Church became the First Baptist Church of Savoy, Texas.
•    1961: On July 12, a Church library was started.
•    1963: On July 10, a heater was purchased for the baptistery.
•    1964: On June 17, a sign was purchased for the front of the Church, with First Baptist Church and the pastor's name printed on it.
•    1966: On August 17, the Church purchased a new parsonage.
•    1969: On March 12, the Church accepted an organ as a gift.
•    1969: On August 4, the note on parsonage was burned.
•    1971: On January 13, the Church auditorium was remodeled.
•    1971: The Church voted a five-year building program.
•    1975: In November, the Church purchased new Baptist hymnals.
•    1976: In May, the new building complex was dedicated.
•    1978: In December, recording services for shut-ins began.
•    1979: On June 24, the Church purchased a bus.
•    1980: The First Baptist Church centennial celebration was held.

Pastors'of the First Baptist Church of Savoy, Texas

1873-1875 A. H. Jackson    
1876 E. W. Horne    

1877 R. Harrison

1879-1881 J. R. Masters

1879-1881 E. W. Holeman

1882-1885 Lewis Holland of Savoy

1886 J. F. Duncan 1887-1888 Lewis Holland

1889-1890 J. L. Mayes of Savoy

1891-1894 E. M. Hunt of Savoy
1895    W. B. Herndon of Savoy
1896    J. W. Staton of Kingston

1897-1898 M. A. Gunter of Savoy
1899    W. A. Gibony of Savoy
1900    J. H. Taylor of Dodd City

1901-1902 W. C. Brown of Savoy

1904 Bonnie Grimes of Ector

1905- 1906 J. W. Sumner of Wolfe City

1906- 1907 W. D. Rogers

1908 J. P. Morris (declined call 1908)

1909-1912 R. L. Keene

1912 John Inzer

1913-1914 D. H. Jessery (1/2 time changed to 1/4 time in 1914)
1915-1920 T. E. Teague

1921-1922 W. T. Braswell (1/2 time pastor: in 1922 asked to resign due to lack of money)

1923-1924 Faunt Jones

1939-1940 H. Byron Holt

1939-1840 J. D. Flemming (served as supply pastor; in 1927 called as pastor)
1941-1943 A. W. Cunningham

1943-1945 Rufus Strickland

1945-1949 Everett Springfield (first full-time pastor)
1950-1953 W. A. Rudd
1953- 1954 George Clinton (first pastor to have indefinite call)
1954- 1956 Clifford Longino

1957 L. D. Beall (supply pastor)

1957-1959 George Griffin
1960 Jess Fender (supply pastor)
1960-1963 Maurice Martin
1964-1966 George Steel
1966 Bobby Ponath (supply pastor)
1966-1970 Bob Cody
1970 Bobby Ponath supply pastor)
1970-1972 Jimmy Sloan
1972-1992 James Seigler
1993-2000 Larry Blain
2000 Morris Robbins (supply pastor)
2000- Present Byron Brown

First Baptist Church of Savoy