Fannin County, Texas

This picture was taken in front of the Gober Baptist Church that was built in 1924.

First row, left to right, bottom, Woodrow Stewart, Billy Stewart, Woodrow Webb,  ? ,  Morris Babers, Weldon Sudderth, Anse Babers, Floyd Burnett, Joe Nevill, Woodrow Dawson, Owen Chandler, Tollison, Bill Burnett, Glenn Sudderth, Jack Jones, J. Fank Burkett, Ottie Bush, Oleta Rodgers, J. N. Cunningham with Bible, Mamie Tollison,  ? , Bert Burnett, Robert Bush.

Second row, left to right, Mrs. Lee Stewart, Ruby Dawson, Ila Burnett, Vivan Neville, Irene Tollison, Zula Shaddox, Ruth Carpenter, Odessa Dawson, Loyd Burnett, Clarence Tollison, Mrs. Jim Elliott, Mrs. Jim Eads, Miriam Babers, Mamie Babers, Oletta Roges, Ollie Stewart, Cleve Stewart, W. A. Sudderth, Elsie Babers, Imogene Jones, Bertha Tollison, ? , Annie Martin, Gladys Rogers, Leva Nevill, Avery Suddeth, Jim Eads, Bill Burkett, Mrs. Ike Rogers, and son, Ike Rogers, Jim Elliott.

Third row, left to right, Grace Carpenter, Mamie Broiles, Una Babers, Gladys Hargrove, May Webb, Irene Babers, Oma Allen, Ruby Stewart, Clive Taylor, Bertha Champion and baby, Elsie Turner, Dora Shaddox, Ruby Apple, Edna Compton, Eliza Webb, Edith Bush, Noel Burnett, Beulah Shaddox, Mrs. Tera Cunningham, ?

Fourth Row, left to right, Juanita Robinson, Hazel Millan, Wiley Webb, Albert Shaddox, Maurice Dozier, Donald Tuner, Lee Stewart, ? Neville, Rev. Thomas Reece, ? , ? , ? , Jonas Bishop, Clyde Goin, Matry Babers, Oscar Babers, ? Tollison, ? , Alva Jones, Mrs. Avery Sudderth, David Turner holding Edith, Mrs. Jim Broiles, Mrs. Nettie Burkett, Arvil Burkett and Tina, J. W. Babers, Mrs. J. W. Babers, Mr. Jim Broiles.

This picture was taken while the new Baptist Church was being built in 1923-24 in the Gober School.  

First row, left to right (bottom) Anse Babers, Willie Smith, Woodrow Webb, Owen Chandler, Morris Babers, Raynell Woodson, Loyd Burnett, Jack Jones, Mamie Lee Babers, Billy Joe Burkett, J. Frank Burkett, Miriam Babers and Naomi Smith.

Second row, left to right, Una Biggerstaff and son, Bill, Matra Babers, Grace Carpenter, Beulah Tollison, Imogene Jones, Mrs. Jim Elliot, Mrs. Tera Cunningham, Ila Burnett, Irene Tollison, Gladys Hargroves, Una Babers, Ottie Bush, Marie Shaddox, Elsie Babers, Mattie J. Webb, Bertha Tollison, Mrs. Nellie Allen, baby?

Third row, left to right, Floyd Burnett, Mrs. Sarah Davis, Mrs. J. W. Babers, Torrance Smith, Bert Burnett, Juanita Turner, Lois Turner, Nettie Burkett, Dora Shaddox, Mamie Broiles, Irene Woodson, May Webb, Eliza Webb, Hattie Mae Glover, Edith Bush, Ruth Carpenter, Mertie Carpenter, Jewell Milam holding baby, Jewell Bishop, Amie Allen.

Fourth row, left to right, J. N. Cunningham, Ray Biggerstaff, Robert Bush, J. W. babers, Noel Burnett, lee Stewart, Mr. Webb, ?, Arvil Burkett holding daughter, Tina, Jim Eads, David Turner, Jonas Bishop, Oscar Babers, J. T. Woodson, Wiley Webb, Mr. Jim Elliot, Joe Glover, Mrs. Ophelia Woodson, ?, Albet Shaddox, Donald Turner, Mrs. Smith Elsie Turner.

The following photos are from a detailed history of the Gober Baptist Church, 1889-1976.  You can read the entire document HERE.  The first photo is of the Gober Missionary Baptist Church.  No names are provided for the first photo.

Gober Baptist Church

Marker Text:

This congregation was organized on August 4, 1889, by the Rev. S. P. Clement and twelve charter members.  Early worship services were held in the one-room Gober schoolhouse and in a brush arbor.  In 1893 a sanctuary, the first church structure built in Gober, was completed on land donated by Mr. and Mrs. James Eads.  It was replaced by a two-story frame building in 1924, which was in turn replaced by a new structure at this site in 1953.   Throughout its history Gober Baptist Church has been involved in domestic and foreign missions support and activities.

Location:  .3 miles west on FM 68 from the intersection of FM 271 and FM 68 in Gober.