Fannin County, Texas

Ivanhoe Baptist Church

The image and text below are from The History of Fannin County Texas Churches, compiled by the Fannin County Genealogical Society.

The Ivanhoe Baptist Church was organized in 1872 in a little community school called New Hope, with seven charter members. They were Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Bettes, Mr. and Mrs. Abe Wyatt, Mr. and Mrs. Rueben Wyatt, and Samuel Keene. Brother Leige Owen was the first pastor. These early members saw a need to provide a place of worship for their families and for the generations to come. They met in the New Hope school until 1882. At that time they moved to the Ivanhoe school, where they met until 1901.

In 1901, Gabe Parker donated land where the church building was erected. The building was repaired in 1913. In 1921 the building was remodeled and enlarged. Six classrooms were added on the west end and the balconies on the east end were added for a total often classrooms. It was also widened at this time.

The interior has seen kerosene lamps give way to carbide lighting, then electric lights in 1936. In 1941 butane heating replaced the wood stove. Over the years the building became increasingly more difficult to maintain and to heat and cool; therefore, It was voted to replace the original frame with a brick building to match the Fellowship Hall that was annexed to the church in 1978.

In August of 1986 the last service was held in the original building, and it was tom down. A short time later the new building was ready and was paid . for on April 1, 1990. In 1993 an educational expansion was added and dedicated on September 26, 1993. On August 4, 1996, a note burning ceremony took place.