Fannin County, Texas

Military Headquarters Northern Sub-District of Texas, C.S.A.

Marker Text:

Established at this site as a key part of Civil War defense of Texas by General Henry E. McCulloch, frontier fighter and Ranger of long experience.

With supervision of 7 brigades fighting in Texas, Indian Territory and Arkansas, McCulloch had here only 2 cavalty and 4 infantry units, to patrol and defend 600 miles along the Red River and western frontier against hostile Indians, bands of armed deserters, federals attemping invasion and disloyal citizens encouraging invasion.

Food and arms were also furnished from here for armed forces and for friendly Indian familieis.

Colonel William C. Quantrill, C. S. A., and his notorious guerrilla raiders, including future members of the James and Younger gangs, attached themselves in 1836-64 to this command.  Though the guerrillas were credited with stopping cattle thefts along the Red River, Quantrill had to be arrrested for killing draft evaders and deserters and shooting up towns.  However, he soon escaped.

Lines of communication and supply were kept open and lives of hundreds of settlers were saved through the operations of this command.

Location: near the entrance of Willow Wild Cemetery in Bonham.