Fannin County, Texas

From a newspaper article of unknown paper and date:

In 1864 D. B. Morrell and wife Laura bought Lot 6 [in the Nail Addition] and built the present house.  Mr. Morrell was a Baptist minister who died in 1868.  At that time the Featherstone Institute (a female academy) was located between this house and where the TP & L substation now stands, and the Morrell's boarded the students.  Mrs. Morrell passed away in 1927 at the age of 94.  Mr. Morrell died at the age of 44.

The house and [other] lots were purchased in 1880 by Mr. W. F. Haden. . . Mr. J. B. Haden, long a prominent citizen of Ladonia, brought his wife to this house as a bride, and their four sons, Will, Joe, Charlie and Morris were all born here.  The widows of three of the sons are still living in Ladonia.  They are Mrs. Flo (Will) Haden, Mrs. Audrey (Charlie) Haden, and Mrs. Clara (Joe) Haden.  Morris Haden was never married and resided at what is known as the Haden home here in Ladonia until his death.

The house was sold in 1902 to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Oakley.  Mrs. Oakley lived in the house until she passed away, and it was sold to Charlie Shaw in 1952.  Mrs. Oleta Kilgore, the present owner and occupant purchased it in 1962 and has lived in the house since April, 1963.

Mrs. Kilgore made extensive reparis - the only things being added were a large bathroom and with two closets and a kitchen cabinet.  When she purchased it, she recalls that the house was "literally falling down."

Bois d'arc sills were used in the house construction, part of which are still in it.  it is a one-story structure, architecture unknown, 50 x 50 feet, containing nine rooms.  The doors on the inside are the original ones, being the kind which were cut out of the walls after the walls were built, hinged and hung.

One floor has wide boards - 8 inches.  One room has a floor of 4, 5 and 6 inch boards.  The boards in the ceilings are 14 inches wide.  Beaded ceiling rooms have been sheetrocked and papered except for one ceiling.  The front gallery is 40 feet by 8 1/2 feet.  There are two fireplaces, back to back.  They are the original fire places but have had new brick added inside.

One room is remembered by the two Oakley sisters, Mrs. Gladys Bartley and Mrs. C. E. Fuller as the "Loom Room" where their grandmother used to keep her loom and work.

At the time Mrs. Kilgore purchased the house there were seven outside doors.  One of these has been taken out and a window put in its place.  The others are still in use, there being three front doors; one on each side of the house and one at the back of the house.

A cistern which was once on the "sleeping porch" is now a part of the interior of the house.

​Mrs. C. E. Fuller is the widow of a long-time merchant of ladonia, and Mrs. Gladys Bartley's husband was long associated with the bank in Ladonia.

Marker Text:

​Built 1864 by Rev. D. B. Morrell and wife laura.  Housed Featherstone Institute students. Oldest house in Ladonia.

Location:  The house had fallen into disrepair and burned in 2014.

Morrell Boarding House