Fannin County, Texas

Cornerstones provided for photographing by Betty Jones Finney.  The cornerstones were removed when the church building was demolished and are being saved for a new church which is being planned for Honey Grove.

New Jerusalem Baptist Church,  Est. Aug 11 A.D. 1900.  Rev. Blake, Pastor.  Cornerstone laid June 5 A.D. 1949 Rev. A.M. Seamon, Jr., Pastor

New Jerusalem Baptist Church.  New Building on the Land at New Jerusalem Baptist Church, Carson, Tex.  Established July 13, 1983 A.D. under Rev. Jessie Neal, Pastor.  Cornerstone laid August 10, 1986 under Rev. Edward O. Nobles, Pastor, Deacon, Marcellas McFail, Brethern: Leonard Shaw, Willie Briggs, L. D. Gray, Alonzo Bagby, Nestor Jones

As stated on the bulletin, the New Jerusalem Baptist Church was established in the Carson community in 1900.  The first location was in a rural area near Carson.  The church was later moved to Farm-to-Market 1396 and CR 2655.

In 1959 the church had a membership of 200 people.  The pastor in 1959 was Rev. F. C. Parker.  In 1975 the pastor was Rev. Jessie Neal and there was a membership of 125 people.  

A new church was built in 1983 under the leadership of Rev. Edward O. Nobles, with a membership of 48 people.

As its congregation declined, New Jerusalem coordinated its services with Fairview Baptist Church in Windom.

Services were recently discontinued (2015) as the church building was in the footprint of the proposed Bois d'Arc Lake, and the building is being demolished.  The photo shows the church building as it was nearing being demolished.

Many of the early members of the congregation were buried at what is now called Oliver's Chapel Cemetery (also known as Coffee Mill Cemetery).

New Jerusalem Baptist Church