Fannin County, Texas

Oral History Program

The following oral histories may be listened to at the offices of the Fannin County Historical Commission.  Please call ahead for an appointment.

Person interviewed, (by whom), date, community, and duration of audio in hours:minutes:seconds.

Alford, William Tabor. (Larry Standlee) Oct. 7, 2007 Windom 01:13’49

Allmond, Arthur M. “Ott”. (Ruby Allmond) 1974 Bailey 1:00’51

Arledge, Lois G. (Jacqueline White) September 30,2009 Bonham 00:42’23”

Binkley, C. C. (John Black) [ca.1974] Honey Grove 33’42

Blalock, Juanita. (Jacqueline White) June 30,2008 Bonham

Bragg, Gretelle Russell.  Bonham.  Listen on YouTube.

Brock, Audra M. (Joan Snider) May 18,2007 Bonham 40’11

Burleson, Muriel (Chapin). (Debbie Crofford) April 4,2008 Ladonia [?]

Burleson, Muriel E. (Jacqueline White) April 15,2009 Ladonia 01:03*51”

Burnett, Mildred (Herriage). (Gregory Hall) Feb. 21,2008 Bonham cdl-l:17’53 cd2-1:00’29

Clark, Willie (Mary Pauline Yarbrough)  June 27, 1979.  Listen on YouTube.

Cole, George (Jacqueline White) October 18,2008 Randolph, Texas

Compton, George. (John Black) [1974] Honey Grove 01:05’41

Cothran, Virginia (Peeler) (Jacqueline White) April 21,2009 Fort Worth 00:41 ’09”

Cross, Evelyn (Jacqueline White) Jan. 21,2009 Bonham 00:18’49”

Dockery, Billy D. (JoAnne Duncan) Nov. 26,2007 Trenton 51’04

Donaghey, Lewis. (JoAnne Duncan) Nov. 26,2007 Trenton 34’33

Dorough, Robert. (Jacqueline White) (October 1,2008) Ravenna

Doyle, Jimmy L. (Jacqueline White) (March 25,2009) Honey Grove 00:28’47”

Duncan, Jo Anne (Reagan). (Gary Duncan) Jan. 17,2008 Trenton 31’18

Floyd, Roy V. (Jacqueline White) November 12,2009 Bonham 01:02’15”

Eversole, Mac. (John Black) [1974] Honey Grove 1:06’50 .  Listen on YouTube.

Hancock, Darlene (Spahl). (Sharon Terry) April 8,2005 Bonham 01:58’58

Herriage, Bessie (Fanner) (Mildred Burnett) July 4,1985 Bonham 19’42

Hill, Charlie. (Audra Rayford) Sept. 13,2007 Mulberry/Ravenna 01:06’25

Holmes, Tom. (JoAnne Duncan) Dec. 7,2007 Trenton l-32’26 2- 47’44

Holt, J. T. (memorial service) [1974] Honey Grove 34’28

Jones, Beatrice (Jacqueline White) July 30,2008 Bonham

Keeton, Kathryn (Gibbs). (Gregory Hall) Aug. 14 and 29,2007 Tulip cdl-58’02 cd2-42’52

Kitching, Cecile (JoAnne Duncan) April 22,2008 Trenton

Leeman, William Jr.  Early history of Bonham.  Listen on YouTube.

Lindsey, Billy B. (Gregory Hall) Jan. 24,2008 Nunnlee/Bonham cdl-01:12’09 cd2-55’19

Locke, Lemuel. (Gregory Hall) Aug. 24,2007 Allen’s Chapel 40’16

Massey, Thurmond (Jo Anne Duncan) Jim. 3,2008 Trenton

Mayse, Gene (Jo Anne Duncan) Jun. 3,2008 Leonard

McClure, David Ray (Jacqueline White) October 14,2009 Bonham 00:59’01”

Moore, Jess, Jr. (Lynn Bauman) Mar. 19,2008 Telephone 01:08’49

McCraw, Gladys (Harrison). (Gregory Hall) Aug. 14 and Nov. 5,2007 Telephone 01:19’49

Nichols, Hattie (granddaughter of Jerry Chinner).  Bonham.  Listen on YouTube

Old, Bob, Jr. (Lynn Bauman) Mar. 25,2008 Bonham/Telephone 01:03’29

Old, Jimmy (Cooper). (Lynn Bauman) Mar. 20,2008 Bonham/Telephone 01:18:22

Orozco, Tony S. (Jo Anne Duncan) Jan. 16,2008 Trenton 38’29

Parson, Mildred J. (Jacqueline White) August 26,2008 Fort Worth, Texas

Patton, Alice (Larry Standlee) July 14,2008 Windom

Peeler, Bryan (Jacqueline White) December 3,2008 Bonham

Reamer, Ella Q. (Whisenhunt). (Gregory Hall) June 8,2007 Ivanhoe 01:13’00

Sanders, John [1979] Listen on YouTube.

Scrivner, Ruth (Rice). (Gregory Hall) Aug. 14 and 23,2007 Elwood 01:19’50

Skinner, Henry, (his daughter) [1974] Honey Grove 38’50

[Smith] Mae Helen Higgs and Vera Ross. (Gregory Hall) March 5,2008 Mulberry 01:18’41

Tarbet, Betty (Jacqueline White) July 22,2009 Hurst, TX 01:09’40”

Tarwater, Jay (Jacqueline White) November 19,2008 Bonham, Texas

Taylor, Jesse. (JoAnne Duncan) April 23,2008 Telephone/Lamasco

Thompson, Harry. (John Black) [1974] Honey Grove 01:13’20  Listen on YouTube

Thornton, John T. (Jacqueline White) December 10,2008 Bonham  

Thurman, Mary Anne (Jacqueline White) August 5,2009 Honey Grove 00:44’ 16”

Todd, Laudene. (JoAnne Duncan) Nov. 26,2007 Trenton 22’39

Topsy, Pauline (Fitzgerald). (Audrey Rayford) [1995] Whitewright 20’01

Walcott, “Aunt”. (John Black) [1974] Honey Grove 44’24

Weddle, Roberts. (Gregory Hall) Jan.29,2008 Bonham 1:19’49

Wells, Mary. (John Black) [1974] Honey Grove 01:17'52   Listen on YouTube

Woolsey, Paul (Jacqueline White) Apr. 8,2009 Bonham 00:38’38”

Workman, Mickey. (Gregory Hall) Oct. 12,2007 Ivanhoe cdl-01:16’59 cd2-57’39 Music-53’21

The following are transcripts of oral histories:

​Arledge, John.  January 8, 1987.  Transcript of Interview conducted by Charlotte R. Spears

Hendrix, Elizabeth White.  August 6, 1986.  Transcript of Interview conducted by Charlotte R. Spears

​Russell, Elizabeth Halsell.  Transcript of Diary, 1910-1911.  She was a young girl growing up in Russell Heights north of Bonham.