Fannin County, Texas

St. Mark

A familair landmark just to the north of Hwy. 82 between Dodd City and Windom, is the small white church - St. Mark.  Organized about 1906, first minister Rev. Whitlow.  Partial listing of members who have had a place in its history:  Monroe Morris, Verne Smith, Marvin Carter, Clayton Ryan, Aunt Callie Bowers, Lennie Carter, Addie Ryan, Nathan Moss, Henry Floyd, Will Branch, George Robison, Sam Weaver, Dick Kirby, George Shaw, and John Shaw.  Many of these are deceased but faithful descendants - Lem Carter, Tom Carter, May Carter, and Callie Walker - still have services occasionally and are ministered to by Rev. Theodore Johnson of Bonhan.

The bell is gone, stolen in 1971.  The church stands empty.  But for many of us the church and the surrounding yard miraculously fill with the sight and sound of the worshipers we have seen there.

Deed Information

Book 28, page 602

L. F. Sterling to The Colored People.  For forty dollars and fifty cents to the Colored People for the use of school and church purposes the tract of land being four acres and a half more or less lying to the south side of the railroad . . .   L. F. Sterling, Emma Sterling.

​Signed at Dodd City December 19th, 1885, Filed for Record December 14, 1887.

Book 56, page 545

Vivian Caldwell.  For $25 paid by J. W. Woodard and D. W. Holland that tract of land 8 miles east from Bonham on the water of Bulard's Creek and two miles east of Dodd City it being a part of the James M. Garner survey beginning at Dennis Whitlaw's south west corner thence north 40 varas a stab it being in the center of the county road; thence west 96 varas a stab bear north 33 degrees; thence south 78 varas to a stab it being in the right of way of railroad.  Thence east 78 varas bears south 10 degrees to a stab it being the place of beginning, containing one acre, this is deed for the purpose of a missionary Baptice [sic] Church which will be known St. Mark.

Signed January 13, 1893

​Filed for Record July 11, 1895

Photo and text below from 

Our Town, Windom, Texas, 1972.

The St. Mark Church, which was near the St. Mark Cemetery, no longer exists and the building was demolished sometime after 1976.

St. Mark Baptist Church