Fannin County, Texas

November 3, 2019  Information on Spanish American War Company M from Bonham has been uploaded.

November 3, 2019 A copy of the 1925-26 Fannin County School Directory has been uploaded.

September 9, 2019  Article on Allen's Point/Allen's Chapel  and Selfs have been added.

August 26, 2019  We have added a page about Bantam and the Bantam Well.

August 25, 2019  Fannin County Marriage License Receipts for 1941-1942 are online.

August 17, 2019  Two new Fannin County cook books are on Flickr:  Fannin County Home Demonstration Clubs Cook Book 1944 and the Cook Book by the Westminster Guild of the Presbyterian Church, Honey Grove, 1922.

April 20, 2019  My Life and Early Times in Bonham, Fannin County, Texas, by Carl Robinson, has been added.

April 20, 2019  The 1950 Bonham/Ector telephone book has been scanned and uploaded.

April 13, 2019.  Read about the journey of John Deatherage from Tennessee to Texas in 1852.

April 9, 2019.   J. W. Roark arrived in Fannin County in 1873 as an orphan, and was raised by John and Lou Leslie.  His interesting Autobiography tells of growing up and the trials of being a cotton farmer.  

April 5, 2019.  The journal of John Hand, who traveled to Fannin County in 1852, has been added. 

March 21, 2019  See photos from the Lake Fannin Scrapbook, 1936-1938.  This Scrapbook is at the Fannin County Museum of History.

February 21, 2019  A large photo of Bonham's Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) from 1934 has been uploaded to Flickr.

February 10, 2019  A 1912 photo of the congregation of the First Christian Church of Bonham has been added.

February 9, 2019 The book A History of Bois d'Arc Springs and the Greens Chapel Community has been uploaded to Flickr.  Part 1, Part 2

February 8, 2019  See the courthouse square and the Bonham Blues baseball team in April 2013.

February 4, 2019.  We have developed a page on Bois d'Arc Springs.

February 2, 2019  Photos of the Goss Farm have been added.

January 29, 2019  A 1912 photo of the congregation of the First United Methodist Church in Bonham has been added.

January 26, 2019  A wonderful photo of the congregation of the Moore's Chapel Baptist Church in 1913 has been added.

January 19, 2019  We are delighted that we have been able to upload to Flickr the book A History of Monkstown and the Surrounding Area, Fannin County, Texas, published in 2011 by Rebecca Todd Shirley.  It is a long book with many wonderful photos.  It has been uploaded in six parts:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

November 12, 2018  A 14 part series, Sketches of Early Times in Our Home and County, published in the Bonham Herald in 1945 and written by Ashley Evans, has been transcribed.

September 17, 2018  A scanned copy of A History of Fannin County by Floy Crandall Hodge is being uploaded. 

August 14, 2018  Learn about the items in the 1966 Courthouse time capsule. 

July 2, 2018  Read a letter in the 1966 Courthouse time capsule written by Victoria Morrow, who was at the laying of the 1888 cornerstone and the 1966 cornerstone. 

March 17, 2018  We have transcribed interviews with Three Bonham Blacks from 1981. 

February 10, 2018  See our new page on the Confederate Monument

December 15, 2017  Read about killings in Bonham (or 1866).

December 9, 2017  We have found and added to the site another  Locke Penwell article.  

Cave Dwellers, Bonham News, January 23, 1917

December 6, 2017  A research guide to Fannin County history has been added.

August 13, 2017  See an historic map of Ivanhoe at the bottom of this page.

August 4, 2017  See the 1902 Pictorial Souvenir Album of the City of Bonham, Texas

July 3, 2017  See new photos of the machinery of the Bonham Cotton Mill.

June 19, 2017  Read a "scrapbook" of articles written in the late 1800's by Alfred J. Connelly, "Wild Cat," which are primarily about Trenton and the surrounding area. To see the scrapbook, open the "research notes" tab at the link above.

May 22, 2017  Read an article written in 1921 about Bonham in 1872.

May 21, 2017  Another book about Ladonia, Ladonia's Lasting Legacies, has been scanned and uploaded.

May 18, 2017  Read the Bonham News Annual 1888, which is one of the documents placed in the Courthouse Cornerstone in 1888.

May 3, 2017  Letters written in the 1850s from Bonham, and found in Indiana in the 1950s, have been added. 

March 26, 2017.  Read about the history of St. Elizabeth Catholic Church in Bonham.

March 25, 2017.  Learn about the history of Lannius.

March 24, 2017  The book The Men and Women in World War II from Fannin County has been scanned.

March 24, 2017  Read an article about the Bonham streetcar (see bottom of page).

March 6, 2017  We have added the 1927-28 Fannin County School Directory.

February 28, 2017  We have added the 1929-30 Fannin County School Directory.

February 26, 2017  Read the article: Dodd City, established in 1839, didn't have a name until the 1870'sBonham Daily Favorite, September 20, 1992

February 21, 2017  Read the article:  Fort Inglish - The State of Bonhan.  Bonham Daily Favorite, September 13, 1992

February 20, 2017  Read a history of Orangeville published in the Bonham Daily Favorite, July 26, 1992

February 19, 2017  Read a history of Ivanhoe published in the Bonham Daily Favorite, July 19, 1992.

February 18, 2017  Read a history of Ravenna published in the Bonham Daily Favorite, June 28, 1992

February 17, 2017  See photos of Fannin County gin tags.

February 14, 2017  See photos and information about the First United Methodist Church in Ladonia.

February 12, 2017  Read about the dedication of the Fannin County Courthouse in 1889. 

January 14, 2017  Read the book Bonham:  The Era Has Gone, But Memories Linger On.

January 13, 2017  See pages relating to Fannin County from History of Texas World War Heroes.

January 7, 2017  Learn about the railroads of Fannin County.

January 4, 2017  Read about the history of Monkstown.

January 2, 2017  View the very informative Savoy Male and Female College, 1876-1890, By Mattie Lee Boyd.  Incredible detail and lots of photos.

January 1, 2017  We are developing a list of missionaries from Fannin County.  Do you know someone we should add? 

December 11, 2016  We have added additional information on the history of the First Presbyterian Church, Bonham.

December 9, 2016  Read a very detailed history of Leonard.

December 8, 2016  Read about the history of the Pecan Grove Church of Christ.

December 7, 2016  Read about the history of the Ivanhoe Church of Christ and the Lannius United Methodist Church.

December 6, 2016  Read about the history of the First Baptist Church of Savoy and the Ivanhoe Baptist Church.

December 5, 2016.  Read about the history of the Corinth Baptist Church and the Duplex Baptist Church

July 22, 2016.  See the Savoy College Catalogue from 1887.

June 16, 2016.  Read a wonderful story from 1909 titled Fannin County 54 Years Ago and As It Is Now.

June 9, 2016.  We have added a photo of the Ravenna gin to our collection of cotton gin photos.

May 9, 2016.  We are starting a collection of postcards from Fannin County.

May 2, 2016.  Inglish, Charles.  Posts of Toll Bridge of Civil War Days In Good Condition.  Reprinted from the Bonham Herald in the Honey Grove Signal-Citizen, February 7, 1941 

April 17, 2016.  Read an interesting account of early time.  Caylor, Mrs. J. L. Reminiscences at Seventy-Nine.  From the Bonham Herald, December 29, 1932.

April 16, 2016  The Fannin County Centennial Monument has been moved to the Courthouse grounds and restored.  See a photo.

April 10, 2016  Take a Walk-About Tour of the Bonham Square

March 29, 2016.  Listen to an oral history interview with John Saunders, whose father was one of the founders of the Bonham Cotton Mill.

March 21, 2016.  "Them Good Old Days" When Oxen Did the Job," Bonham Herald, March 10, 1938.

March 18, 2016  See a list of oral interviews which can be listened to at the Historical Commission.  And some are being uploaded to YouTube.

March 10, 2016  Read about The Mystic, Bonham's first movie theatre.

March 9, 2016  Read about Bonham's old water tower, by Tim Davis.

March 7, 2016 Read about the Denison, Bonham and New Orleans Railroad, by Tim Davis.

February 28, 2016  See photos of early Bonham businesses.

February 6, 2016  Read about Jerry Lee Lewis in Bonham, by Tim Davis. 

January 21, 2016  The History of Coca-Cola Bottling in North Texas, by Tim Davis.

January 15, 2016  Taking a Ferry Across Red River, by Tim Davis.

January 12, 2016  Read about Kraft in Bonham, by Tim Davis.

January 11, 2016  Read about the history of Telephone, Texas

December 28, 2015  Read about the Red River Bridges, by Tim Davis.

December 27, 2015  We have obtained wonderful new photos of the Farmers' Improvement School (F.I.S. College) from the Texas Collection, Baylor University.  See them here.

December 27, 2015  Read When Electricity Came to Bonham, by Tim Davis.

December 26, 2015  Read another Tim Davis article, this one on the Texas & Pacific Roundhouse in Bonham.

December 20,2015  Read an interesting history of the early days in Fannin County, A Bit of Fannin County History.

December 19, 2015.  We are in the process of adding articles by Tim Davis to the site.  Read the one on Robert H. Taylor and the one on the J. C. Penney Co. in Bonham. 

November 6, 2015.  New photos of Ector have been added. 

September 5, 2015  An article on the history of Windom has been added. 

August 13, 2015  In the spring of 1907 Cole Younger was in Fannin County for the funeral of  Major B. F. Hays and he also presented the Cole Younger & Nichols Theater Amusements Co. in Bonham, Honey Grove and Ladonia.  There were several articles in the Honey Grove Signal of 1907 about his visit.  Fascinating reading!

July 23, 2015  The Honey Grove Preservation League, with a generous grant from the Hall-Voyer Foundation, has been working with the Portal to Texas History to put old Honey Grove newspapers online. The older Honey Grove Signals were provided for scanning by Walcott Black and later issues of the Honey Grove Signal-Citizen were uploaded from microfilm provided by the Bertha Voyer Memorial Library.

Although the project is not complete, there are now 1,248 issues of the weekly newspaper online and searchable, from 1893. We don't have every year, or every issue for a year, but the wealth of information in staggering, not only for Honey Grove but for the eastern part of the county, for Bonham, and even for Paris. If your ancestor fell off his porch it was probably reported in the paper, and certainly if his favorite old mule died. 
There are lengthy articles about weddings and parties.  And much history about agriculture and the cotton business in Fannin County.  We are reviewing each issue and adding obituaries for cemeteries in Fannin County, including Oakwood, Allens Point, Dial, Smyrna, McCraws Chapel and others to
This is truly a treasure, and easily searchable. 

June 16, 2015  The Gober yearbooks have been scanned and uploaded.  See this page, item 18.

June 15, 2015  Savoy yearbooks for 1984-1988 are at the website.  More will be coming.

June 12, 2015  We have added a page on the history of the Telephone Baptist Church.

June 2, 2015.  See a beautiful little booklet about the Gober School in 1902.

May 19, 2015  Read an article about Bonham in 1857.

May 6, 2015  View a wonderful history of the Bartley-Woods School with many photographs.  Bartley-Woods School History 1892-1958.

May 5, 2015  The book Our Town, Windom Texas, has been scanned and is available online.

May 4, 2015  See photos and read the history of the historic Oak Ridge Church of Christ

April 30, 2015  See a wonderful photo of the breaking ground for the Presbyterian Church in Ladonia.

April 29, 2015  Visit the website for Savoy created by David Gaddy for lots of historical information on Savoy.

April 21, 2015  See photos and read about the Eastland Baptist Church in Honey Grove.

April 5, 2015  We have added a page for the former St. Mark Church near Dodd City.

April 2, 2015  The Gober yearbooks for 1946-1951 and 1955-56 are now available from the Honey Grove Preservation League Education page.  Go to the very bottom of the page.  Additional Gober yearbooks are being scanned and will be available in a couple of months.

March 30, 2015.  We have added a page for the former New Jerusalem Baptist Church, near Carson.

March 18, 2015.  We have added a page with photographs of Fannin County cotton gins.  Please let us know if you have additional photographs or information on Fannin County gins.

March 7, 2015.  We have added another book about Ladonia, A Community Affair, 1836 Toward 2000.  See our Ladonia page.

February 26, 2015.  See a photo and read about the old Ector school in 1996.

February 25, 2015.  We have added a page for Ladonia, which provides a copy of A History of Ladonia, Texas 1836-1997.

February 24, 2015.  We have added information on the history of the Ladonia Presbyterian Church.

February 23, 2015.  Thanks to Dwight Jones for this wonderful photo of the Spoonamore Colored School in 1927.

February 20, 2015  The Sears Chapel/Doss Cemetery in western Fannin County was recently photographed and inventoried.

February 19, 2015  Read about the history of the Saint Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Bonham, organized about 1865.

February 18, 2015  Read about Old Bob, the train that ran between Honey Grove and Ladonia.

February 17, 2015 The Whiteshed Cemetery north of Bonham was recently photographed and inventoried.

February 7, 2015  The Historical Commission was a proud sponsor of the Black History celebration held on Friday, February 6 at 6:00 pm at the Creative Arts Center in Bonham.  See photos of this celebration and view the booklet prepared for the event.

February 3, 2015  Learn about the history of Leonard and see old photos.

February 2, 2015  See great photos of Leonard in 1914 which shows the building of the Grove Hill Masonic Lodge

January 25, 2015  We have added a page for the New Home Baptist Church in Bonham, organized in 1909.

January 16, 2015  Learn about the history of the Bradford Chapel A.M.E. Church, organized in 1873 in Bonham by ex-slaves.

January 15, 2015  The Historical Commission is a proud sponsor of the Black History celebration to be held on Friday, February 6 at 6:00 pm at the Creative Arts Center in Bonham.  Join us there to celebrate with stories, music, pictures and food the accomplishments of the hard working black citizens of Fannin County. 

December 29, 2014  See the Fannin County Home Demonstration Clubs' Cook Book published in 1933.  Perhaps your grandmother has a recipe in this cookbook.

December 28, 2014  Read about the Prisoner of War camp established in Bonham in 1943 to provide farm labor.

December 15, 2014  Read about Cole Younger's visit to Bonham in 1913.

December 3, 2014  Learn about the history of the Bonham public schools

November 29, 2014  We have added a link to the Fannin County Directory, 1910-1911.

November 28, 2014  We have added a copy of Forgotten Dignity, The Black Community of Bonham, Texas, A Photographic History 1880-1930.

November 25, 2014  See the program and photos of the James Butler Bonham statue re-dedication.

November 24, 2014  Access Scollard's Bonham City Directory 1899-1900, which we have scanned and made available online.  It provides invaluable information on the citizens and businesses of Bonham at that time.

November 18, 2014  Read an interesting article on the Kraft cheese plant in Bonham and the dairy industry in Fannin County written by Tim Davis and published in the North Texas e-News.

November 13, 2014  The re-dedication of the James Butler Bonham statue on the courthouse square in Bonham will taken place on Friday, November 21 at 1:30.  See photos of the statue and learn about its history HERE.

October 19, 2014  We have added a page for the Union Baptist Church in Ravenna.

October 11, 2014  Read about the Farmers' Improvement School (F. I. S. College), a black school that operated near Ladonia in Fannin County. 

September 20, 2014  Read an interesting and well-research article about Fannin County in the Republic of Texas written in 1986 by Tom Scott.

September 12, 2014  More Penwell articles have been located and transcribed:  

Bonham Daily Favorite, June 10, 1913, The Old Race Track

Bonham Daily Favorite, August 4, 1913, Lost in Bogy Bottom

Bonham Daily Favorite, October 10, 1913, Uncle Billy Brotherton and the Bear.

Bonham Daily Favorite, August 4, 1913. Childhood Sports in Early Days.

September 8, 2014  We have located and transcribed additional Locke Penwell articles, including 

Bonham Daily Favorite, January 18, 1913, Dogs; Bonham Daily Favorite, June 4, 1913, An Incident of the Civil War

September 2, 2014.  We have developed a Churches page for easy access to all the information that has been collected so far on Fannin County churches.  We have also added a history of the First Church of the Nazarene, Bonham.  Please contact us if you have historical information or photographs on additional Fannin County churches so that we can add that information to our site.

September 1, 2014.  We have added a detailed history of theFirst Methodist Church of Bonham

August 19, 2014.  The historical marker for the First Baptist Church of Trenton was dedicated on August 17.  See photos and learn about the history of the church.

August 18, 2014  Learn more about the history of the Bonham Daily Favorite.

August 17, 2014  See photos of Windom taken in the 1940s-1950s.

August 16, 2014  Read about the dedication of the Red River bridge in 1939.

August 15, 2014  Read about the journey of early Fannin County pioneers down Red river in 1835.

August 14, 2014  See a photo of the community of Randolph taken in 1916.

August 10, 2014  Read about the free kindergarten associated with the Bonham Cotton Mill.

August 1, 2014  See the 1963 Booker T. Washington school yearbook

July 26, 2014  See photos from the presentation of the Texas Treasure Business Award to Smith Feed and Seed in Honey Grove.  

July 22, 2014  See the 1948 Booker T. Washington school yearbook.

July 21, 2014  We have added a photo of the Booker T. Washington School.

July 17, 2014  We have added more information about the Bonham Cotton Mill.

July 16, 2014  We have added a detailed history of the Bralley-Pendleton High School in Honey Grove.

July 14, 2014  We have added additional information about Joseph Sowell.

July 11, 2014  Read about two businesses in Fannin County that are Texas Treasure Businesses.

June 14, 2014  We have reposted Tim Davis' excellent articles on the life of Samuel A. Roberts.

June 13, 2014  We have updated our page of the Savage Community.

June 11, 2014  We have found and transcribed two new articles by Locke C. Penwell from 1912, one article on the former community of Milltown, two miles south of Bonham, and one article on Eagle Lake, a hunting and fishing resort in Indian Territory popular around the 1880s.

June 8, 2014  We have updated our page on Trinity Episcopal Church.

June 1, 2014  We have updated our page on Moore's Chapel Cemetery

May 30, 2014 We have updated our page on the Buchanan Cemetery.

May 29, 2014 We have added a 1928 School Directory for the Schools of Fannin County.  It contains information on 89 rural school districts and the independent school districts.

May 28, 2014  We have updated our page for the Lindsey-Randolph Cemetery.

May 26, 2014  We have updated our page for the Gober Cemetery.

May 25, 2014  We have updated our page on the McFarland Cemetery.

May 24, 2014  We have updated our page on the Little Jordan Cemetery.

May 23, 2014  We have updated our page on the First Presbyterian Church of Leonard.

May 21, 2014  We have updated our page on the Rehobeth Cemetery Chapel.

May 19, 2014  Read a very interesting history of the community of Portland.

May 18, 2014  The historical marker for the Gober Garage was dedicated yesterday. See photos and learn about the Gober Garage.

May 17, 2014  Read a history of Booker T. Washington School in Bonham.

May 16, 2014  Read about the history of the Leonard Methodist Church.

May 15, 2014  Learn more about the history of the First Baptist Church in Ladonia.

May 13, 2014  Read about the Ector Methodist Church.

April 23, 2014  Read more about the Steger Opera House.

April 22, 2014  Learn more about the Burns Cemetery.

April 17, 2014  Read about the history of Trenton, "Gateway to Fannin County."

April 13, 2014  Read about the Allens Chapel Methodist Church and Cemetery.

April 12, 2014  Read about the Smith Plantation near Mulberry.

April 11, 2014  Read about Erwin Smith, Cowboy Photographer.  On May 1-3. The Friends of the Bertha Voyer Library in Honey Grove will sponsor an exhibit of over 70 Erwin Smith photos in Honey Grove.  The Fannin County Historical Commission is a partner in this exhibit.

April 10, 2014  Read about the history of the Bethel Masonic Lodge in Ladonia.

April 8, 2014  Learn about the Haden House in Ladonia.

April 7, 2014  Read a detailed history of Gober and the Gober public schools.

April 3, 2014  Read a letter written in 1934 by George Inglish, son of Bailey Inglish, about the location of Fort Inglish and guests at the home of Bailey Inglish.

April 2, 2014  See photos and read about the Nunn House in Bonham. 

March 26, 2014  Read about the Hockaday family and the Hockaday Family Homesite.

March 20, 2014  Read about the history of Savoy, in far western Fannin County.

March 18, 2014  See a newly obtained postcard of the Bonham streetcars.

March 17, 2014  Remember the Alexander Hotel, center of social life in Bonham in the early 20th century.

March 16, 2014  Read about the Fry Homestead near Ladonia, which was built in 1854 on land purchased by Abraham Keller Fry in 1844.

March 15, 2014  A reception to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Bonham Post Office will be held Friday, March 21 at 4:30.  Everyone is invited to attend and enjoy this event.

March 13, 2014  Read and see photos of the Stagecoach Inn, which tragically burned in 1976.  This Inn, near Dodd City, was built in 1839.

March 11, 2014  See a photo of the Ector railroad depot.

March 10, 2014  Learn about the history of the Bartley-Woods School.  If you have photos or other documents relating to this historic school, please contact us so that we can scan them and add them to our site.

March 9, 2014  Read about the history of the first Fannin County community, Tulip.

March 8, 2014 Read about the history of Ector.

March 7, 2014  See old postcards showing the First Methodist Church of Bonham provided by the Bonham Public Library.

March 5, 2014  Read a history of the First Baptist Church of Bonham.

March 4, 2014  Read a history of Blanton Chapel Methodist Church.

March 3, 2014  Read about the history of the First Christian Church of Bonham, and see the 1915 membership list.

March 2, 2014  Read about the history of Ft. Warren.  

February 28, 2014  Read about the history of the Bethelem Baptist Church.

February 27, 2014  The Historical Commission has announced that the restoration of the James Butler Bonham statute which resides on the Fannin County courthouse lawn will be completed in the spring of 2014.  A ceremony is being planning for the reinstallation and re-dedication.  See photos and learn more.

February 22, 2014  See a postcard of Bonham streetcars courtesy the Fannin County Museum of History.

February 21, 2014  See postcards and a photo of the Fannin County Courthouse courtesy the Fannin County Museum of History.

February 20, 2014  See postcards of the Bonham Cotton Mill courtesy the Fannin County Museum of History.

February 19, 2014  The new Bonham Post Office building opened for business on Monday, March 2, 1914.  Thus the 100th anniversary of this beautiful building is approaching.  Stay tuned for more information about the history of the Bonham Post Office building.

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