Anderson, Rufus K.  Died in the navy hospital in Philadelphia.

Attended high school in Bonham.  Buried at Willow Wild.


Bell, Samuel Ernest.  Died of influenza and pneumonia.

​Buried at Dodd City Cemetery.

Bentle, Charlie W.  Died of pulmonary tuberculosis.

​Lived at Ector at time enlistment.  Buried at Carson Cemetery.


Blalock, Justice Earl.  Died of pneumonia.

Born at Bonham and lived at Bonham at time enlistment.

Buried at Willow Wild.

Bowers, John Nickolai.  Died at the age of 19 of wounds received in Action

in the battle on the Champague front. Reared in Fannin County.

​Buried in France.


Boyd, Marshall David.  ​Died of pneumonia overseas.

​Lived at Ladonia at time of enlistment.  Buried 

overseas but has a marker at the Ladonia Cemetery.

Bratcher, Clarence.  Killed in Action in France.

​Buried at the Leonard Cemetery.

Brazelton, Columbus.  This black soldier died of disease at Camp Bowie.  Buried at Oliver's Chapel Cemetery.

​Briggs, Alberta.  This black soldier died in South Carolina of tuberculosis contracted in France.  Born at Monkstown. 

​Buried at Liberty Cemetery.

Burnett, Nollie.  This black soldier died of pneumonia at Camp Alexandria, Newport News, Virginia.

Born in Honey Grove.  Buried at Hickory Grove Cemetery, Lamar County.

Cain, Waldo.  Died overseas of pneumonia. Living at Ravenna at

​time of enlistment.  Buried at Mulberry Cemetery.

​Cantrell, John Lee.  Died in Glasgow, Scotland of pneumonia caught on the voyage.

​Lived at Honey Grove at the time of enlistment.  Buried in England.

Cariker, John Alexander.  Died of illness in France.  Lived in Bonham at time of 

​enlistment.  Buried at Moores Chapel Cemetery.

​Carlton, John Lee.  Died in France from the Spanish influenza and pneumonia.

​Lived at Windom at time of enlistment.  Buried at Windom Cemetery.

​Daniel, Thomas E.  Died from wounds received in Action.  Lived at Ivanhoe at

​time of enlistment.

Duke, Julian.  Died in France as a result of an operation for appendicitis.

​Lived at Leonard at time of enlistment.  Buried at Leonard Cemetery.

Dunmon, Albert.  Died in service in New Jersey from pneumonia.

Buried at Windom.

​Eagleton, Lafayette Ewing.  Killed in Action in France.

​Born in Ladonia.  Buried at Ladonia Cemetery.

​Eddins, Sam Howard.  Died of wounds received in Action.

​Lived at Ladonia at time of enlistment.  Buried at the

​Cypress Hill National Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY

England, William E.  Die of pneumonia in Glasgow, Scotland.

Lived at Lamasco at time of enlistment.  Buried at

​Gum Springs Cemetery.

​Ferrell, Jacob.  Killed in Action at St. Mihiel.

Lived at Edhube at time of enlistment.

​Buried at Randolph-Lindsey Cemetery.

Fryar, Samuel Newton.  Died of wounds received in Action.  Born at Dodd City. Living at Bonham at enlistment.

Garrett. Lewis.  Died of pneumonia in San Antonio.  From Ravenna.

Buried at the Ravenna Cemetery.

​Hall, Reuben C.  Killed in Action at Marne SW of Soissons.  

Born in Randolph. Buried in France.

​Hubbard, Commie Sandford.  Per his obituary, he was the victim of gas in France and, after returning home, weakened by gas, he fell victim to influenza.  Buried at Oakwood Cemetery.

Hutton, John T.  Died in Service from wounds received in Action in France.  Lived at Bailey

​at time of enlistment.  Buried in France.

​Jones, William Lee.  Died of pneumonia at Camp Travis.  Living at Selfs at time

​of enlistment.  Buried at Allens Point Cemetery.

Killough, Joseph Evans.  Died of pneumonia in New York City.  Student at

Rice University at time of enlistment.  Buried at Willow Wild.

Large, Lee.  Died from influenza and pneumonia.  Lived at Savoy at time of enlistment.

Buried at Sunnyside Cemetery.

Loflin, Harry.  Killed in Action in France.  Lived at Leonard at time of enlistment.

Buried at the Dry Creek Cemetery in Thomasville, Mississippi.

Lowrance, Wade.  Died of pneumonia.  Living at Mulberry at time of enlistment

​Buried in Clarksville, Texas.

May, Jones.  Died of pneumonia in England.  Although he was born in Whitewright

and was living in Denison at time of enlistment, we are including him here

because he has a cenotaph marker in the Oak Hill Cemetery which is in Fannin County.

He is actually buried in England.

​McKenzie, Jesse R.  Killed in Action in France.  Lived at Dodd City at time of

​enlistment.  Buried in the Dodd City Cemetery.

​Merrill, Joseph B.  Killed in Action in France.  Lived at Ladonia at time of

​enlistment. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Miller, Ben.  This black soldier apparently died in the line of duty

​in New Mexico.  Buried at Gates Hill Cemetery.

​Mills, Connie O.  Killed in Action in France.  Lived in Ladonia at the time

​of enlistment.  Buried in the Ladonia Cemetery.

​Nance, Taylor H.  Died of pneumonia at Camp Mills, New York.  

Lived in Leonard at time of enlistment.  Buried in Leonard Cemetery.

Norton, John Winston.  Died of pneumonia at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri.

Attended Honey Grove High School  Buried at Hickory Grove Cemetery,

​Lamar County.

Owens, Claude T.  Was gassed in France during the war and died in 1921 at Telephone

of tuberculosis as a result of the gassing.  Buried at Bigbee Cemetery.

Preddy, Walter S.  Died after being wounded in Action in France.

​Buried in the Leonard Cemetery.

Rainey, Stephen Dupree.  Died of influenza at Austin attending

the Student's Army Training Corps.

Rogers, Thomas Simeon.  Died overseas of pneumonia.  Living at

Honey Grove at time of enlistment.  Buried at Oakwood Cemetery

in Honey Grove.

Shelton, Ruffus.  The first Fannin County overseas casualty of the war. 

Killed in action in France.  Residing in Honey Grove at time of enlistment

​Buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Honey Grove.

Skeen, Jessie Earl.  Died of pneumonia at Camp McClellan, Alabama. Born in Lamasco.

Buried in the Lamasco Cemetery.

Stevens, Hugh A.  Died at Camp Travis from the effects of meningitis and pneumonia.

​Born in Leonard.  Buried at Randolph-Lindsey Cemetery.

Stevens, Foster J.  Killed in Action in France.  Born near Ladonia.

Although he has a stone at the Ladonia Cemetery, he is actually

​buried at the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery in France.

Tarpley, Ben W.  Died in France of pneumonia.  Born in Dial.

​Buried at Arledge Ridge.

Todd, Grover.  Killed in action in France.  Living at Ector at time of

​enlistment.  Buried at Curlee Cemetery in Tennessee.

Van Dyke, Russell.  Died of disease overseas.  Living in Bonham

​at time of enlistment.  Burial information not known.

J. Frank Walker.  Died in 1923 as a result of tuberculosis brought on

by the war.  Died and buried in Ladonia.

Walker, James Powell.  Killed in action in France.  Raised in Ladonia.

​Buried in the Ladonia Cemetery.

Warren, Elmer O.  Died of the Spanish flu at

​Camp Mabry in Austin.  Buried at Ladonia.

Welch, James R.  Died of pneumonia at Camp Merritt, New Jersey.

​Born in Fannin County.  Buried at the Leonard Cemetery.

Welch, John T. Died of pneumonia on a ship on route to Europe.  Born

in Fannin County.  Buried at the Leonard Cemetery.  He died the same day his brother,

James Welch, died.

Whaley, Marron Ernest.  Died at Camp Dix, New Jersey, of pneumonia.

​Born and raised in Fannin County.  Buried at Hampton Cemetery.

Whaley, William Clifton.  Killed in Action in France.  He was the brother of Marron

Ernest Whaley.  Living at Roxton at time of enlistment.  His parents lived in Bonham.

​Buried in the St. Mihiel American Cemetery in France.

​Wharton, Charles.  Died of pneumonia at Camp Dix.  Lived at Leonard at time

​of enlistment. Buried at the Leonard Cemetery.

​White, Jack Milton.  Died of pneumonia while training in San Antonio.

Living at Bonham at time of enlistment.  Buried at Willow Wild.

White, Roy V.  Died of pneumonia while training in New Mexico.

Living at Lamasco at time on enlistment.  Buried at Artledge Ridge Cemetery.

Wilson, Herbert Clifton.  Died of pneumonia at the Naval Hospital at

​Gulfport, Mississippi.  Buried at the Leonard Cemetery.

Wilson, William E.  Killed in Action.  Living in Trenton at time of

​enlistment.  Burial place not known.

Winningham, Robert E.  Killed in Action in France. Living at Bonham at time of enlistment.  

Buried at ​Forest Hills Cemetery, Lamar County.

Youree, James Frederick.  Died of pneumonia at the Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, Illinois.

​Living at Savoy at time of enlistment.  Buried at Sunnyside Cemetery.

Fannin County, Texas

Servicemen from Fannin County Who Died in World War I

Here is information on 62 young servicemen from Fannin County who died during World War I.  

We are including those who died in service, even if not in Action, as many servicemen died of the flu and other illness while serving.

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​Please contact us if you have additional photographs or if you know of a person who should be added.